Nice Capitalism

“Nice” Capitalism ,traces the secret correlations of “Nice Brands”, “Nice Capitalism” and “Happy Nations”, and reveals why the European economic model with it’s “Human Ethos” is surpassing America.

Costas Kataras reveals the secret relationship of people and their psyche with brands, and uses brands as a prism for the identification of emerging mega-trends in the metaglobalization economy.

On the economic and business level, the book explains why a number of emerging forces could have devastating effects on brands and lead to the rise of a new species of brand, “Nice Brands” and “Nice Capitalism”, two developments that are clearly interrelated, as the book explains, which usually lead to happier people and more “Happy Nations”, particularly in Europe.

On the human level, the book describes how the individual in search of a true meaning of life and in pursuit of happiness, is shifting away from a materialistic culture imposed externally by the brands’ pseudo-authority, which is even taking control of brands themselves and, finally, how this phenomenon is moving things towards a greater level of human autonomy.

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“Nice” Capitalism, by Costas Kataras – Book VIPs Reviews & Comments

"You predicted the disastrous outcomes of arrogant and greedy capitalism before its burst. Portraying vividly complex ideas in a wider cross disciplinary and philosophic thinking".

Professor Spyros Lioukas, Athens University of Economics and Business, Ex-Ambassador to OECD -GREECE

"A fascinating book. Costas makes some fantastic points that really make you think about the future of brands. It is a great book for making you think harder about the role of brands in society".

Anna Farmery, The Engaging Brand - UK

"These are huge ideas that seem supported by the evidence we see now of the impact on U.S. brands of capitalism gone bad"

Robin Browne, Conscious Images - USA

" It is a huge achievement…a wonderful book with complex ideas."

Hugh Logue, InterTradeIreland - IRELAND

“…Prophetic book.”

Professor Lord Richard Layard, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE / London School of Economics – UK

"I look forward to reviewing… " .

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP Group plc – UK

" A revolutionary book in business, marketing and communications thinking… Costas goes against the tide and the long established believes."

Spiros Aliprantis, Consultant to the BoD, CAPE 4 – SWITZERLAND

"..a book full with innovative and interesting ideas… "

Pantelis Savvidis, TV Journalist, ET3, "Anixneuseis" – GREECE